2019 Series Regulations and Rules

Series Points

Points for Series Registered competitors will be awarded as follows:

10 Points - First Place

9 Points - Second Place

8 Points - Third Place

7 Points - Fourth Place

6 Points - Fifth Place

5 Points - All other Competitors

These points are awarded to drivers in each class. Drivers who are not Series Registered do not score points, but do have an effect on the class scoring.

Note: You may register for the Series at any point, however if you've run either or both of the first 2 events you only have as late as the end of the 2nd Event to series register to be able to use those points. If you wait until the 3rd event, sorry, you will only be scored points from that event on.

The Down And Out Rule

Cone standing inside chalk outline Cone knocked over but some is still insite the chalk outline

Each cone is given a chalk border to indicate its position on the track/course

If you knock the cone over, there is a 2-SECOND time penalty, even if part of it remains within the chalk border

Cone hit but is still standing and part of it is still inside chalk outline Cone flipping in the air

If you touch the cone, but part of it remains within the chalk border, there is NO time penalty. If you touch the cone and it's completely outside of the chalk border, there is a 2 second penalty

If you knock the cone into the air, but it lands STANDING UPRIGHT with a portion of it within the chalk border, there is NO time penalty